Tree House
by Immigo

We make teaching and content sharing easy, and automated for you

Upload content and give automatic access to all your students

Drag and drop your files and select with one click which campaign it belongs to. We will give access immediately to the corresponding students according to their subscriptions.

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Centralize, organize and edit your content

Use the dashboard to see the overview of your content. Upload, edit, or delete them if needed.

Authenticate with your Patreon account

With just one click you will login to Tree House. Your data will be safe and we will take care of the automatic process.

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How it works?


Log in with your Patreon account. With Patreon API, we will track who is up to date with your campaign's payments.


Upload your content(scripts, audios, videos, etc.) by drag and drop them.


One click to assign which content corresponds to each campaign and voilà: each student will have automatic access to the content according to their membership.

Tree House by Immigo made to change education

Education is no longer the thing we knew before. Teachers, educators, influencers, creative people want to change the world by sharing each other experiences without boundaries. But they are struggling with a lot of unnecessary jobs. Teachers, just want to teach. That's why we created Tree house, a place where you can share your knowledge easily and automatically. No more boring spreadsheets and manual jobs to keep track of your students subscriptions. We make teaching and content sharing easy, and automated for you

This is a non-commercial project built for the final project of the foundations program at Holberton School - Colombia from cohort 13. Special thanks to Immigo team for opening us their doors: Chelsea, and Ryan Jeon. To the Holberton staff: Carlos Cardenas, Andres Hugueth, Maria Paula Farfan, Mariana Perez, Sijhen Bojanini, Juancho Merlo, Maribel Correa, Silvia Guzmán, and all the peers who helped us in all this journey.

Get to know our team!

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Andres Campo Serna Full-Stack Developer @campoandres98
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Adrian Vides Jimenez Backend Developer @adrianvides56
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Andrés González Franco Frontend Developer @andresgfranco
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Ryan Jeon